Wireless Rubber Hose Drive Alarm

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The wireless Rubber hose drive alarm is very popular because it is easy to install and is our least expensive driveway alarm. This unit can send a signal up to 600' to let you know anytime a vehicle enters or leaves your place. This drive alert consists of 2 parts; a radio operated transmitter with 25' of small 3/8" diameter exterior type rubber hose to lay across your driveway and 1 receiver with 1 bell attached which can be located in the house and plugged into a standard outlet.

The weather proof outside transmitter, which is operated by a 9 volt battery, should be hung on a post or tree or may be laid on the ground next to the driveway. The battery should last about a year before needing replacement. The hose can be replaced, should a cut or break occur, but should last many years under normal conditions.

Several hose transmitters can be used with the same bell receiver. For example, you may have 2 driveways entering your place. You can also have extra bell receivers for additional locations, such as a barn or shop. Each receiver comes with one bell. The rubber hose drive alert will work with all our optional driveway alarm accessories.

Extra Driveway Alarm Accessories and Add-ons
  • Extra Receiver - Extra receivers can be placed in other buildings or locations, and will each sound at the same time. - $79
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