Wireless Probe Drive Alarm

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Item Description 


The wireless probe drive alarm combines the best features of the wireless motion drive alarm and the hard-wired vehicle sensor drive alarm in an easy to install package. The wireless probe drive alarm is easy to install and will not give false signals from large animals such as deer. The radio operated system consists of two parts - a transmitter and a receiver with one whistle.

The receiver can be located in the house and plugged into a standard wall outlet. The weatherproof outside transmitter, operated by a 9-volt batter, should be located in the area of the driveway. The probe is attached to the transmitter with 80 feet of direct burial cable and should be buried alongside the drive with the transmitter mounted on a tree or post about 4 feet high. The probe will detect the movement of a metal object such as a car coming up a driveway. The transmitter will then send a radio signal up to 600 feet back to the receiver to sound a whistle for about 3 seconds. If you do not want the whistle to sound, the receiver is equipped with an on-off switch.

Extra Driveway Alarm Accessories and Add-ons
  • Extra Transmitter - Extra wireless transmitters can be used in other locations; for example a second drive, other buildings, backyard, etc. - $199
  • Extra Receiver - Extra receivers can be placed in other buildings or locations, and will each sound at the same time. - $79
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