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Vehicle Sensor Driveway Alarm

 Item #10  Price $188 

Item Description


The Vehicle sensor lets you know anytime a vehicle enters or leaves your place. The vehicle sensor detects metal and is activated by the movement of a vehicle or any metal object within a 14 foot area of the sensor.

Bury the vehicle sensor about 6 inches deep alongside or under your driveway, run the wire to the house and connect it to the control unit. Actual size of the vehicle sensor is 1" by 15". Place the control unit in the house, plug it into a wall outlet and it will ring like a doorbell when someone drives by the sensor. The driveway bell will ring for about 2 seconds but may be adjusted to ring up to 20 seconds for those who require a longer audible alarm.

It consists of one control unit with one bell, and one vehicle sensor with 100 feet of wire. Extra wire, additional bells, and additional sensors can be added. Extra sensors often and extra security, for example, in front of shop doors, loading chutes, and gas barrels. If you need additional wire, the vehicle sensor will come equipped with the necessary length so that no splicing is required.

Installation is very simple. No electrician is needed. Just connect the wire from the vehicle sensor to the control unit and plug the driveway bell into a wall outlet. The wire is 3 strand shielded exterior wire which is 1/4' in diameter. A chain saw or lawn edger works well for burying the wire approximately 3" deep or many utility companies have a small walk behind trencher to borrow or rent.

The control unit is a 24 Volt system that can activate our light controls, sirens, telephone tape dialer, etc.

Extra Driveway Alarm Accessories and Add-ons
  • Extra vehicle sensor with 100 Feet of cable - $70
  • Extra 50 feet of cable - $18
Call about Light Controls, Sirens, Bells, Whistles