This is the perfect solution for any rural or suburban area. Since the antenna can be aimed in any particular direction, you will be able to pick up TV signals much better than with a regular fixed or rabbit ears antenna. This unit is easy to install. Only a small 1" diameter mounting pole is needed.

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These windmills are manufactured by Wingard's Sales, LLC. A high-quality, top-of-the-line, ornamental, good looking windmill. Structure is all aluminum with stainless steel bolts and nuts. Fans have red decal tape on the tips of the blades. Each windmill comes with anchors to secure it to the ground. All windmills have bearings

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Depicting life-like scenes from the past & present, these lighted art framed pictures will captivate you. With scenes featuring farm equipment, automobiles and motorcycles, the LED lights accent the appearance creating an eye catching display. Click on the list below to see each picture. Put your computer mouse over the picture to see it light up!

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- Opens clogged grease fittings

- Cleans grease fittings & bearings Pat. Pend.

- Use a penetrating oil - No aerosol can lube

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Creates perfect sealing by closing from bottom up, 5" - 6" above the depth of the knife.  Ideal for sub-soiling, forming a perfect seal. New design makes other NH3 knives obsolete.  Over 3500 acres with the B-33 Mole on a 13 knife machine have been reported!